Intellectual Property Assessments

Assessing technology and intellectual property assets is one of the most critical aspects of commercialisation. Our services within the scope of intellectual property assessment help our Clients to manage their intellectual property assets more consciously and effectively.

With our services, our Clients get a firm view as the basis for their business decisions whether they are planning to invest in an enterprise, sell it, restructure, develop a product, settle a dispute, or prepare for a major event such as an IPO.


Intellectual Property Assessment – Intellectual Property Valuation

Archilex Consulting SA offers not only intellectual property assessment and commercial valuation of all intangible assets of its clients including any kind of intellectual property and inventions, but also provide firm professional opinion as to their legal and commercial robustness. We assess the validity of IP portfolios and the freedom for an enterprise to operate and use its technology and processes.

There are three methods of valuing Intellectual Property assets:

  1. cost-based
  2. market–based
  3. income-based valuations.

Cost-based valuation takes into consideration both how much it cost to create the asset historically and how much it would cost to recreate it given current rates.

Market-based valuation looks at comparable market transactions, whether sale or purchase, of similar assets to arrive at conclusions of value.

Income-based valuation looks at the stream of income attributable to the intellectual property based on the historical earnings and expected future earnings.

The methodology used is always chosen so as to meet the following criteria: the valuation process must be scientifically sound, economically relevant and independent, and only rational and reasonable costs may arise in connection with our valuation process.

For further information about our services, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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