Trademark Portfolio Management

Owning more than one trademark registration means having a portfolio of intellectual property assets. A trademark portfolio may comprise registered trademarks and service marks, as well as marks that are in use but not necessarily registered. At the same time trademark licenses or assignments as part of franchise agreements, co-branding agreements and other commercial transactions, will also form part of the portfolio.

With our service we make sure that your portfolio is in good order, we ensure correct ownership, registrations, renewals, recording assignments, watching and that enforcement action are carried out promptly and efficiently, and we also take care that the trademark related rights do not lapse as a result of non-use.

Trademark portfolio management involves as well periodically assessing the status of the assets in the portfolio, which can be done through an audit, as well as developing strategies that address how intellectual property rights are acquired, exploited, enforced and maintained, in order to maximize their value to the business.

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