Trademarks Services

Trademarks are a valuable asset that preserve the brand identity of a business. The more a business reputation grows, the more valuable its trademarks will be. Therefore it is extremely important to preserve and carefully maintain trademarks with the strongest protection possible.


In a competitive and globalized marketplace, trademarks are effective communication tools that define your business, build your brand identity and influence purchasing behavior of your clients. Protect your trademarks, maximize your brand value and secure your brand identity with our strategic trademark worldwide management services.

At Archilex Consulting SA we support our clients throughout the entire trademark life cycle.

These are our trademark services:

Trademark clereance searches

We conduct trademark clearance searches in order to check the availability of a mark, and we evaluate its registrability

Trademark registration

We provide full professional services for trademark prosecution, from the filing of the application to the registration of the trademark. We assist our clients in the registration of their Swiss trademarks, Community trademarks (European Union trademarks), Italian trademarksInternational trademarks as well as trademarks in other Countries throughout the world

Trademark watching

We monitor your trademarks in order to let you react quickly to any potential infringements

Trademark opposition

We represent our clients in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings

Trademark enforcement

We provide high quality enforcement and defence services, including anti-counterfeiting services

Trademark litigation

With our partners we are able to provide the best protection for your trademark in case of litigation

Trademark portfolio management

We centrally manage and monitor global trademark filing and handle administrative matters

For further information about our services, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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