Trademark Registration

Our highly qualified legal specialists can handle all your trademark needs, from worldwide trademark registration through to trademark portfolio management and protection of your existing trademark rights.


With extensive experience within the intellectual property management and the trademark registration field, we provide a number of different services including Swiss trademark, Community trademark (European Union trademark), Italian trademark as well as International trademark registration services. As we are committed to customer satisfaction, we offer a fast and easy service, allowing you to register and protect your trademarks worldwide.

Our trademark search and registration services include all of the features you would expect to ensure a full protection to your trademarks, including:

  • Knockout search to quickly determine whether there are any directly conflicting marks.
  • Comprehensive identity or similarity search to look for similar trademarks in the selected countries
  • Opinion letter which explains all of the results of the identity or similarity search and how similar trademarks may affect the registration of your trademark
  • Filing strategy advice based on your future goals and wishes
  • Drafting your trademark application.
  • Filing your trademark application.
  • Keeping you updated on the status of your trademark application
  • Responding to any and all technical (non-substantive) action of the Intellectual Property Office of the selected Country.
  • Sending you the trademark registration certificate

Trademark Registration Cost


Easy online ordering


Direct contact with our experienced trademark attorneys


Fixed fees for the filing of the application


No hidden costs

For further information about our services, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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