Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property can be a source of both revenue and risk for a business. As infringement and counterfeiting cases have become more and more common, companies have seen the potential costs involved in protecting their intellectual property rights rise dramatically. Today, companies need IP management strategies in order to protect their intellectual property rights. However, in some cases, litigation is unavoidable.

Enforcing IP rights against infringement often requires quick and decisive action to secure injunctive relief and skillful advocacy to recover monetary damages. With our partners we are able to provide the best protection for your intellectual property assets in case of litigation. Our IP litigator partners possess substantial experience in all aspects of patents, trademarks, utility models, tarde secrets, know how, design, domain names, unfair competition and copyright litigation, including preliminary strategic evaluation, injunctions, discovery, motion practice, mediation and trial.

The extensive domestic and international practices of our partners – from securing intellectual property rights to policing and preventing intellectual property infringement to litigating IP and unfair competition matters – help maintain and enhance intellectual property portfolios for Swiss and global companies.

For further information about our services, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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